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Marine Girls

Beach Party


Formats Available: Cassette

01. In Love

02. Fridays

03. Tonight?

04. Times We Used To Spend

05. Flying Over Russia

06. Tutti Lo Sanno

07. All Dressed Up

08. Honey

09. Holiday Song

10. He Got The Girl

11. Day/Night Dreams

12. Promises

13. Silent Red

14. Dishonesty

15. 20,000 Leagues

16. Marine Girls

2014 Cassette Store Day release. 

Licensed from Cherry Red.

Manufactured Recordings inaugural release is the first Marine Girls album, Beach Party, on cassette! Released in 1981 on Dan Treacy’s Whaam! label, this is what seminal post-punk sounds like to us: minimalist pop without artifice or ornament. Singular and stark, the band made do with what they had and were ruled by no one else’s musical rules. Reissued for the first time on cassette, packaging includes the original hand-drawn artwork by the band.

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