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Marine Girls

Lazy Ways


Formats Available: Cassette

01. Place in the Sun

02. Leave Me With the Boy

03. Falling Again

04. Love to Know

05. Different Light

06. Sunshine Blue

07. Second Sight

08. Don’t Come Back

09. That Fink, Jazz-Me-Blues Boy

10. Fever

11. Shell Island

12. Lazy Ways

13. Such a Thing

14. You Must Be Bad

2014 Cassette Store Day release. 

Licensed from Cherry Red.

Though the band had already split up by the time of their second and final album’s release in 1983, on Lazy Ways, we see Marine Girls at their most polished and refined. Stuart Moxham (of Young Marble Giants) produced the album, buffing out some noise and clatter and replacing it with a soft and lovely sheen. Beloved by Kurt and Courtney to Kathleen Hanna, this album is one of the many reasons why the short-lived Marine Girls have never been forgotten.

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