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The World Keeps Turning


Formats Available: Cassette

01. Goodnight England

02. Mile High Towers

03. Change

04. I Won’t Let You Down

05. Waterfall

06. Flowers for Abigail

07. Across the Meadow

08. Come My Way

09. Snowbound

10. Steps to the Sea

11. The World Keeps Turning

12. First Day

13. Eight Times Around the World

14. A Is For Alphabet

15. I Heard You the First Time

16. Invisible

17. Sometimes

This is the kind of music that would later inspire the indie pop released by labels like Sarah, K, Slumberland, et al. Sometimes shaky, but always Irresistibly charming, Razorcuts’ second and last album from 1989, with its full, 12-string guitars, organ, and catchy melodies, sounds like a catchier version of Felt. This reissue includes 6 bonus tracks in the form of the A is for Alphabet EP, released on Matinee in 2003.

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