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The Monochrome Set

Eligible Bachelors


Formats Available: Cassette

01. The Jet Set Junta

02. I’ll Scry Instead

03. On the Thirteenth Day

04. Cloud 10

05. The Mating Game

06. March of the Eligible Bachelors

07. The Devil Rides Out

08. Fun For All the Family

09. The Midas Touch

10. The Ruling Class

11. The Great Barrier Riff

In 1978, guitarist/vocalist Bid and guitarist Lester Square left UK band B-Sides (who later changed their name to Adam and the Ants) to form The Monochrome Set with four friends. Eligible Bachelors is the band’s third album, their first for UK label Cherry Red. It was also the album that propelled the band to indie chart success; it’s a masterpiece of wit and musical artistry from start to finish.

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