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The Monochrome Set

Independent Singles Collection


Formats Available: Cassette

01. He’s Frank

02. Alphaville

03. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens

04. Lester Leaps In

05. The Monochrome Set

06. Mr. Bizarro

07. He’s Frank (Slight Return)

08. Silicon Carne

09. Fallout

10. The Mating Game

11. J.D.H.A.N.E.Y.

12. Cast A Long Shadow

13. The Bridge

14. The Jet Set Junta

15. Love Goes Down the Drain

16. Killing Dave

17. House of God (Live)

18. Sweet Death

19. Forever Young

20. Hurting You

21. Little Noises

22. I Love Lambeth

23. Kissy Kissy

24. All Over

25. Closing Time

Here it is: all of The Monochrome Set’s independently released singles in one place! Lovingly curated by the folks at Cherry Red, this set includes both versions of their classic debut single, “He’s Frank,” the original version of “Jet Set Junta,” plus some lesser known b-sides. Hear why these ’80s British post-punks should have been as big as the Fall and Gang of Four.

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