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The Mighty Hannibal



Formats Available: Cassette

01. Big Chief Hug-Um An’ Kiss-Um
02. Take a Chance on Me
03. Please Take a Chance on Me
04. Motha Goose Breaks Loose
05. Fall In Love With Me
06. My Name Is Hannibal
07. Biggest Cry
08. I Need A Woman
09. Baby Please Change Your Mind
10. My Kinda Girl
11. All Nite Long
12. Jerkin’ The Dog
13. In the Midnight Hour
14. Hymn No. 5
15. Shame, Shame
16. Trying to Make It Through
17. Get Back
18. Right to Love You
19. Good Time
20. I Just Want Some Love
21. Get In the Groove
22. Somebody in the World For You
23. We’re Gonna Make It
24. Meet Me At Mary’s Place
25. I’m Coming Home
26. The Truth Shall Make You Free
27. Party Life

Now available for the first time on cassette, get in the groove with the first ever collection of workouts by turban headed soul sensation The Mighty Hannibal! This massive set brings together Hannibal’s best sides from his 1958 R&B debut Big Chief Hug-Um An’ Kiss-Um to 1972’s monstrous The Truth Shall Make You Free and is highlighted by the hits Jerkin’ The Dog, Fishin’ Pole and Hymn No. 5 plus four unissued titles! Limited to 100 copies.

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