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Hasil Adkins

Out To Hunch


Formats Available: Cassette

01. She Said

02. No More Hot Dogs

03. Ha Ha Cat Walk Baby

04. Rockin' Robin

05. Chicken Walk

06. I'm Happy

07. Can't Help It Blues

08. We Got A Date

09. High School Confidential

10. Let Me Come In

11. The Hunch

12. Gee But I Love You

13. Memphis

14. Do It To Me Tonight

15. Truly Ruly

16. I Need Your Head (...This Ain't No Rock & Roll Show)


Limited to 100 copies.

Now available for the first time on cassette, grab the coolest collection of all time 50’s/60’s hunchers by the legendary one man racket squad/rockabilly maniac, crudely recorded in his West Virginia shack! Unreal whompus! Limited to 100 copies.

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