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Hasil Adkins

The Wild Man


Formats Available: Cassette

01. Chicken Flop

02. The Wild Man

03. Big Red Satellite

04. Pond Fork River

05. Still Missing You

06. Punch Wunchy

07. Foggy Mountain Top

08. I Don't Want Nobody

09. She'll See Me Again

10. Matchbox

11. Do the Scalp

12. Haunted House

13. Wild Wild Friday Night

14. Donit Start Cryin Now

15. Midnight Moan

16. Everybody Loves Somebody

17. California Blues

18. T For Texas

Limited to 100 copies. 

Now available for the first time on cassette, grab this collection of all time 50's/60's hunchers by the legendary one man racket squad/rockabilly maniac, crudely recorded in his West Virginia shack! Limited to 100 copies.

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