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Corrosion Of Conformity



Formats Available: Cassette

01. Loss For Words

02. Mad World

03. Consumed

04. Holier

05. Positive Outlook

06. Prayer

07. Intervention

08. Kiss Of Death

09. Hungry Child

10. Animosity


Limited Edition of 200 cassettes.

First time on Cassette in 30 years!


“Animosity is a swift, slicing, thrash-stained hardcore album with oodles of punchy riffs, static-y fuzz, insidious atmosphere, and pure undiluted evil fueling these dark anthems of the murky punk underground. It’s aggressiveness and punch cement it’s reputation as a classic among punk fans and a tasty little listen for metal fans. If you’re into Corrosion Of Conformity as a punk band, this is some of their best material from their punk days and I would definitely recommend to them. Even if you just know Corrosion as a metal band, give it a few listens.” – Metal Archives

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