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Cryptic Slaughter

Stream Of Consciousness


Formats Available: Cassette

01. Circus Of Fools

02. Aggravated

03. Last Laugh

04. Overcome

05. Deteriorate

06. See Through You

07. Just Went Black

08. Drift

09. Altered Visions

10. Addiction

11. One Last Thought


Licensed from Metal Blade Records. 
Limited edition of 200 cassettes.

First time on Cassette in over 25 years!


“The original speedcore merchants, Cryptic Slaughter dealt a West Coast hand into the late-‘80s crossover movement, a movement that saw the normally warring armies of punk rock and thrash metal finally come together into a unified front bent on exposing social injustice and political hypocrisy. Powered by a previously unimagined sense of informed aggression, Cryptic Slaughter’s uncompromising political stance and lightning-fast tempos ultimately proved too harsh for mainstream tastes, but their status as underground legends remains unquestioned.” – Allmusic

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