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Run To The Light


Formats Available: Cassette

01. The Misery Shows

02. Thinking Of The Past

03. On Borrowed Time

04. Run To The Light

05. Peace Of Mind

06. Born In A Prison

07. Tuesday's Child

08. The Beginning


Licensed from Metal Blade Records. 
Limited edition of 250 cassettes.

First time on Cassette in over 25 years!


“At a time when heavy metal was moving forward faster than ever, thanks to the advent and growing popularity of thrash metal, Chicago’s Trouble embodied a nostalgic throwback to the genre’s old-school, ’70s values — and specifically a preference for the deliberate, slow-creeping style of the genre’s founding fathers, Black Sabbath, which, in the able hands of Trouble and California’s similarly backward-gazing Saint Vitus, came to be known as doom metal.” – Allmusic

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