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Formats Available: LP, CD & Digital

01. Don't Walk On The Kitchen Floor

02. A Kitchen In The Clouds

03. See Me

04. Mona Lisa

05. Disneyland

06. Old People

07. Housewives Play Tennis

08. Howard After 6

09. I'm Five

10. My Neighbor Makes Noise

11. Businessmen In Space

12. Pills And Money

13. Bad Luck With Parents

14. Physical Ed

15. Salt And Pepper

16. Mom And Dad

17. Come On

Come On

Come On


A regular fixture on New York’s downtown scene in the late 70’s, Come On released just two singles in their short but fruitful existence – the self-released “Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor/ A Kitchen In The Clouds” single in 1978 and the mysterious “Housewives Play Tennis / Howard After 6” single in 1980 (the band was unaware it had ever been released until a copy showed up on eBay 20 years later).


Typical of the time, Come On was comprised of a ragtag group of artists and scenesters – seasoned musician George Elliott (guitar), conceptual guru Ralf Mann (bass), illustrator Page Wood (drums), teenager Elena Glasberg (guitar) who would study for class between gigs, and Jamie Kaufman (vocals) who had never sung before (or since) fronting Come On. With a unified egalitarian look of white button down shirts and black pants and Kaufman’s arresting stage presence the band embodied what they called “Nervous Rock Music.” Stripped down and tense, Come On’s brand of minimalist rock teemed with agitation, sexual frustration, and a wry, dark humor.


Compiling the band’s two singles, unreleased tracks, live material from the late 70’s, and including liner notes by noted biographer Chris O’Leary, Come On is recommended for fans of early Talking Heads, DNA, Pere Ubu, and Half Japanese.

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