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Formats Available: LP

01. O Ganga Tu Bahati Ja

02. Cham Cham Cham Cham

03. Sajni Sajni Tere Bin

04. Bhaja Re Bhaya / Mat Kara Mohu Tu

05. Kayse Jau Tore Pas

06. Raga: Bhairava (Bharion)


Nitai Dasgupta was born in Bengal, INDIA. He started his musical career at a very early age. He is a disciple of Sri Usha Ranjan Mukherjee, a well known classical vocalist in India.

Dasgupta is one of the most talented young Indian classical singers in Great Britain.  He has a very melodious voice of his own style with sweetness and flexibility. He also sings semi-classical and folk songs of India.  His popularity is based not only on his voice but also his composing ability. 

He has performed extensively in Great Britain and on the Continent since 1962. He is a B.B.C. Radio (overseas) and Television Artiste. He now lives in London and performs regularly throughout the country giving lecture recitals on Indian vocal music. 

On this release, he has pleased the pop music lovers and the lovers of Indian classical and semi-classical music.

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