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Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikha came to London from India six years ago, having studied the Sitar since 1943, under the guidance of Professor Tey Bhan, Sangeetacharya, a court musician of Kashmir, (Poonch). 

He has performed in concert and on television in Great Britain and throughout the Continent.  Pandit Trikha's main interests at present centre on his students at the Institute of Oriental Music which he founded in London shortly after his arrival in England.  

On this album, Pandit Trikha's virtuosity is very much in evidence, the exploitation of his musical energy and verve apparent in every note.  Delicate, bold, sweet or even querulous various rhythmical flashes set the mood and he literally emanates supreme confidence and accomplishment on his chosen instrument - the Sitar. 

Formats Available: LP

01. Bageshri In Teental

02. Rag Desh In Dadra

03. Folk Piece In Kahrwa

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