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Phil Perkins

Drive Time

Formats Available: LP, CD & Digital

01. Rainy 3rd Street

02. At Home And Away

03. Noise Organ

04. Xmas Party

05. Ella

06. Mechanical Piano Parade

07. On The Park

08. At The Machine

09. Eastchester Parade

10. The Onion

11. Radio Dream (London)

12. Street Conversation

13. Hardanger

14. Squeak Opening

15. Grieg Park

16. Shany

17. Bearing

18. Guitar Hero

19. Hotel TV (LA)

20. Jig

21. Lions

22. FIre

Philip Perkins (b. 1951) studied art and motion graphics with Robert Mullen and David Foster (Univ. of the Pacific and Univ. of Oregon) and was mentored by “Blue” Gene Tyranny in music composition and performance. He played in many rock, country and experimental bands. He played as a member of The Residents performance ensemble from 1979 – 1984, as well as serving as their cinematographer and lighting designer. “Drive Time” was composed and originally released in 1985 as a series of pieces composed as an alternative to early morning “drive time” AM radio, and targeted at the same audience: commuters.

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