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A Folding Sieve

Formats Available: LP, CD & Digital

01. Rolling

02. Breathe Salt

03. Feels Like Morning

04. Clean

05. Resonate

06. Pulling

07. Strength

08. Own Two Feet

09. Soothed

10. Inst1

11. Faded

12. This House I'm Living In

13. Pop Apology

14. Surge

15. Brass Burn

16. Slide Slip

17. Colide

18. In Nine Inst

As the first contribution to Captured Tracks’ Shoegaze Archives series, Should offers A Folding Sieve. This classic take on the genre lends waves of euphoric dream pop sounds similar to My Bloody Valentine. This album was originally released in 1994 under the name shiFt by the Austin-based record label N.D. The LP includes all tracks on the original release as well as two bonus songs. The CD version includes more previously unreleased material, now completely remastered.

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