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Out Now - Million Dollar Ecstacy

The enigmatic electro/synth funk artist known as Million Dollar Ecstacy is actually the work of multi-instrumentalist songwriter Schyl Perry. In 1987, Perry released this self-titled eight song private press 12” on the independently owned Sacred Light label. Unbeknownst to Perry at the time, the nondescript single in its plain white sleeve was to be the sole release for both Million Dollar Ecstacy and Sacred Light.

Drawing from influences both expected (Michael Jackson, Prince, Quincy Jones) and unexpected (Kiss, Jackie Wilson and DEVO), this unique and seldom-heard record exhibits some of the most adventurous electro-funk sounds of its era, accompanied by colorful samples and subtle instrumental flourishes. Lyrically, Perry’s songs illustrate the disparities he observed in the world around him at the time: the greed and projected opulence of ‘80’s Oakland street culture, as well as the darker implications of the crack epidemic that was also prevalent at the time. The record concludes with a mysterious spoken word track, “Statement”, delivered by a guest vocalist, ending the record on one last ambiguous note. As much as it stands out, the track also ironically summarizes the uniqueness of the Million Dollar Ecstacy project.

Originally limited to 100-200 promotional copies for local distribution to stores, the record was initially distributed on a hand-to-hand basis only. When the record and subsequent promotional efforts did not lead to a major label contract for Perry, the remaining copies were either given away, lost or discarded - including Perry’s personal copies. In the ensuing years, however, the record experienced a renewed interest among collectors, often fetching more than $150 in online auctions. Some fans even went as far as to track down Perry in person, in the (unsuccessful) hopes of finding additional copies or related recordings.

For the first time in 28 years, Manufactured Recordings is proud to make this lost classic once again available to collectors and fans of the pioneering synthesized music of its time. The reissued LP includes all 8 original tracks, as well as never before released photos of Schyl Perry from the time of the recording, liner notes and an interview conducted by noted hip-hop/funk collector Jeff Mao, all of which are unique to this release. Limited edition clear vinyl is available to the first 300 pre-orders.

Million Dollar Ecstacy

  1. Going Down Tonight

  2. I’m The One For You

  3. The New Songs

  4. Greedy

  5. Million Dollar Ecstacy

  6. She’s On Crack

  7. Burning Inside

  8. Statement

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